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Since medieval times Hamburg has been a Free City and port of international status. The city has the second busiest harbour in Europe and stands as a City-State in Germany’s Federal Republic. Hamburg is changing and improving constantly, as the new HafenCity revitalises the waterfront and builds new and modern reference points like the mesmerising Elbphilharmonie concert hall.

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Top Sights to Discover in Hamburg

Discover Hamburg

The Speicherstadt or City of Warehouses has an atmosphere all on its own. Its red-brick canyons, crossing the canals and admiring glazed decoration on the gabled facades are protected as a World Heritage Site.

Discover Hamburg

Encompassing the Speicherstadt, HafenCity is a new waterside quarter that was officially ``opened`` in 2008. A huge part of the free port has already been renovated, and outside the heritage quarter the architecture is creative and cutting-edge.

Discover Hamburg

The Elbphilharmonie is Hamburg’s tallest inhabited building at more than 100m. This project by Herzog & de Meuron has enigmatic profile that has been compared to waves, the sails of a ship or a quartz crystal.

Discover Hamburg
International Maritime Museum

The core of the museum collection began with Peter Tamm, who was an avid hoarder of model ships and naval memorabilia. Anyone seduced by the romance of the open sea will be won over the by the museums’ cache of maritime artefacts.

Discover Hamburg
Kunsthalle Hamburg

This is one of Germany’s largest and richest museums. You can explore masterpieces by Goya, Rembrandt, Rubens, Manet, Degas, Picasso, Francis Bacon, and more!

Discover Hamburg
Hamburg Rathaus

The Neo-Renaissance architecture of the city hall reflects the optimism of Germany at the end of the 19th century. Discover the short-term exhibitions, and the 647 rooms inside the building.

Discover Hamburg
AuĂźenalster lake

Hamburg has more bridges than London, Amsterdam and Venice combined! The canals and slow-flowing rivers in the upper parts of the lake weave through Hamburg’s most affluent quarters.

Discover Hamburg

This must-see landmark was built in early 1920s in a style known as Brick Expressionism. The frame is made from reinforced concrete, and is overlaid with 4.8 million grey bricks.

Discover Hamburg
St Michael’s Church

This is Northern Germany’s most famous Baroque church. The design is from the 17th century, and that 132-metre dark cupola at the top of the tower is visible from almost any part of the city.

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This is a waterfront promenade on the Inner Alster Lake. There you can enjoy sunbathing on the terrace, the beautiful views of hallmark buildings, and amazing coffee and pastry shops.

One of a kind Experiences

Discover Hamburg
Planten un Blomen

This is one of Europe’s best urban parks. Take a walk in the 47 hectares of gardens, lawns, ponds, greenhouses, and the Old Botanical Garden. The colourful musical fountain is another not-to-miss hallmark.

Discover Hamburg
Treppenviertel Blankenese

Grab the S-Bahn or the ferry to this old neighbourhood called “Stairs Quarter”. Get lost in the twisting alleys, surrounded by whitewashed houses and interlinked by stairways.

Discover Hamburg
Harbour Boat Tour

Boat trips are a must thing to do in Hamburg. They’re the best way to see the harbour and waterside districts. The evening Illumination Cruise is definitely spectacular.

Discover Hamburg
Elbe Tunnel

At 24 metres below the river, the 426-metre Elbe Tunnel connects the left and right banks. The northern entrance is hard to miss for its vivid green dome and architecture.

Discover Hamburg
Dialogue in the Dark

This is one of the few museums that will genuinely change your outlook on the world. It puts you in shoes of a blind person, requiring you to use your other senses to get through.

Discover Hamburg
Miniatur Wunderland

This blockbuster attraction is a moving miniature world filling a whole warehouse. It shows scale models of Hamburg & Central Germany, Italy, the US, Switzerland, and Austria.

How to Move Around Hamburg

Experience the best of Hamburg with a 1-day hop-on hop-off sightseeing tour, including 20 stops along the route.

The city’s public transportation network offers a wide variety of routes.  Choose between underground and overground trains, buses, and ferries.

Visit the following website to gain detailed information about the different transportation services and their cost.

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