Reasons to Submit

Reasons to Submit

Your Cutting-edge Research at e-INS 2023

Here is why you should submit
an abstract

Getting recognition for your work, constructive feedback, and new ideas are just some of the brilliant reasons to submit an abstract.

Being part of the e-INS 2023 programme is a great way to push forward your career. Share your findings with the neuromodulation community and make a name for yourself in the field.

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Don`t miss the chance to:

Expand your professional network

Presenting your abstract at e-INS 2023 will put the spotlight on your most recent work, and will allow people to know that you are doing research in Basic Science, Socioeconomics, Movement Disorders, Central Pain, and other diverse aspects of neuromodulation. Discuss your findings with global experts, connect with future collaborators, and meet with colleagues who are interested in your topic.

Gain exposure for your work

Meet international colleagues interested in your results and get ready to answer questions! Your research will gain wide exposure, you will receive valuable feedback and ideas, and your name will be recognised in the programme.

Excel your skills

Develop your presentation and communication skills, an essential competence for advancing your career. The more you present your work, the better you become at explaining why your results are important and how they can impact science.

Reasons to submit
Reasons to submit
Find your place in the programme

Submission allows you to be creative in sharing your presentation in any of the formats available for the Congress. You can also choose from various abstract topics. The floor is yours.

Contribute to the future

Sharing your research contributes to our goal of revolutionising the prevention, treatment, and control of various areas in neuromodulation. The research in these areas can impact the future of pain management, brain stimulation, neurological disorders, and more. Make a difference!

Advance your career

By participating in e-INS 2023 you will put the spotlight on your work, earn CME credits, and take part in the Abstract Competition. Submit an abstract to move your career forward on an international level.